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  1. Dating good thai girl
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  79. This will be the last one for Thailand. And how can get her to like me? Where do you prefer to be and Why?
  81. The Philippines are beating Thailand a little bit as Pinay girls are much better in English therefore easier to talk to. It is considered to be a cosmopolitan city, which means that women here are used to seeing and meeting men from other countries. I've lived in Thailand for the last year and had a couple of very contrasting relationships none with bar girls I'll add!
  83. Pros and Cons of Dating Thai Women - I look younger than my age.
  85. Yesterday I had a few beers with a German girl friend and as we talked about life in Thailand she came up with this straightforward question: Why do you prefer Thai girls to western girls? Small things are big things for western women and so you will never meet a because you left the toilet seat up. Western girls always want to do the planning and at least try to achieve some compromises: If we do this today, we are going to do that tomorrow, ok? While western girls run to the yoga or fitness studio every second day but still you barely see a really thin and skinny girl walking on the street. Statistics prove anyway that western countries like America, Australia and by now also Western Europe have the highest percentage of fat girls in the world. Thai girls know that housework is their job. Believe it or not one of my Thai student girlfriends made me smile as I was about to start cleaning my room on a Saturday morning and she found it funny and asked me why I want to do it. Besides that Thai girls are also much more open and optimistic about simply everything and never think too much about some bad thing that happened or a problem they have, they just go and try to make the best out of every situation without worrying too much. Thai girls always seem to be happy and really enjoying life and let you feel that while western girls usually expect their boyfriend to entertain and make them feel good. If you are a western girl and disagree please leave a comment and let me know why you think western girls are better. If you are a Farang guy like me and you think I forgot some points to mention here, please leave a comment as well. And if you are a Farang couple who think about moving over here together then please read before. Thai ladies are true honest ladies.. As long as you dont want to meet up with a very good looking babe who wants you to take them back to the U. Surely that is equally important and in many ways will determine the behaviour and response of the Thai woman involved. If the Farang is kind, empathetic, shows her affection no matter how she looks on a particular day, she will see that he really loves her and will feel happy with him and show her contentment. I have made lots of Thai gfs over there, and yes, I do agree that they are so easy to love compared to the Western women. I still think, there are some nice American women out … Read more » Absolute stupidity to say that thai women are better and western women are worse or the vice versa. As long as man has money in his pocket he has women on his bed. I have lived in, met, or dated Swedish, Korean, Filipino, Canadian, African, British, Finish, Russian, Mexican, and many American women. I never dated just for sex and funny enough, after traveling to Thailand as a single male, I got plenty of dirty comments and insinuations from friends upon return, despite that I did not have sex once while traveling in Thailand. It is sad that Thailand has become a place labelled as the Sex Destination for white Farang. Eventually gave up on them after 20 years of failed relationships. Have heard being too nice a complaint. Nice guy… deeply appreciated by Thai women. Very happy in a relationship with a Thai woman for 8 years now, we have 2 kids together. Old farang husband here. It seems Thai ladies in any walk of life really appreciate being treated courteously and respectfully. In fact Thai people value courtesy and respond in kind. The Thai are the most good hearted people I have experienced in the world. Of course there are exceptions but ,by and large they are happy people. We laugh … Read more » I have been with a farang man for a short while, more than a year of being friends and then a few months of dating. Ended up being left alone. Is that how it is with farangs? They can wait for years to get you to submit to them but after getting in your pants for awhile and get what they want, they just left. A girl make herself beautiful inside and out for the man who appreciate her. I … Read more » Many of Old Farang man find a Thai young girl to be girlfriend. It same age with their daughter. Not because of money? I think they should KNOW!! Because Thai girl like me worked hard to got a little money but some Farang man looked at me like the Thai-money-sex-girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I work in a large all girls high school here and to say the majority of Thai girls and women are thin, docile home makers and enjoy being doormat wives is just pure fiction. There is huge variation like any population of woman. Some of the craziest and irrationally jealous partners are hands down thai woman.. They will also not hesitate to cheat if they are for any reason slighly unhappy or the old farang bf is out of town…often cheating with thai men. I really dont think the younger generation are much different from western women my age. My … Read more » What a crock of crap!!!! I am western woman, been and lived in Thailand. You go to Pattaya looking for love!!! Not to find love! Give me a break. I have a male friend, only 30 years old, married to Thai woman … Read more » I find it amazing that no one has mentioned how fantastic Thai women are in the bedroom. They really put more effort into pleasing their man than Western women. They have amazing bodies- and know how to use them to make their man happy! I have a thai fiance that I have been engaged to for 7 years, … Read more » Great comments Andrew and very well written from somebody with first hand experience. I have been to Thailand a number of times and do appreciate how the women go to that extra effort to make their men happy. And they take … Read more » Michael Ryan is a typical whipped western man. No good sex for him because that makes her a slave. No sacrifice or doing things for him that she doesnt already want for herself because that makes her too submissive. I guess that means he never does anything to make her happy either. He never goes out of … Read more » Sorry, but this is BS. Thai women are lying whores, period. I unfortunately was in a four year relationship with a Thai woman in Minneapolis, MN after she moved here from Chiang Mai to be a nanny.. After years of deceptive and selfish acts by her I finally let her go and feel so relieved! She was a pathological liar, sent to America by her family to screw white guys and take their money so she can send it home to her family. Thai girls are sweet before they get what they want. Turn to a Bitch when they gain enough from you or you cant provide what they ask for. Mainly, its all about money. I wonder how thai girls like knitting while thailand is such a country without winter. They knit for men to mislead them feel their love. I was a fool to be used as a stepping stone. I gave her PR, I gave her fancy clothings. Eventually, she told me I didnt love her enough and she married another man for more money gift. You need to read a book called private dancer. I find the guys who like thai girls are either controling, manipulative and callous or just to blind to see the real deal. Well said I fully agreed to your letter. I have no respect for them and yes they do anything for money. They all as bad as each other Thai girl. I am agreeing everything you mentioned. Well, I am a tax Accountant from Pennsylvania, and I have numerous clients from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and adjoining nations. My one long term Laotian client 25 years since he moved to America had strongly suggested that Laotian Women are the Most Devoted Women from Southeastern Asia. My client, Ngia X. The reasoning he projected to me was due to laotian Women have the Deepest Faith in their religion, primarily Buddhism. Would you suggest … Read more » Yep…lol…you rock…this is true…I was loving and devoted to a rich man…have my own luxury vehicle i bought…did anything he wanted…I found oUT i was pregnant whIle he was preparing to go on sex tourism vaction unbeknownst to me.. God will get him. He had me in the palm of his hand but threw me in the trash so he could date slime. I deserve better…far … Read more » Hahaha please do not generalize! But maybe most of them are not really good at all! Im not a Thai woman. I just had an Italian ex bf who had Thai ex gf. For her, it was not an issue if her bf would like other … Read more » I have a Thai wife. Waking up in the morning she can border on ugly. Thai women are attractive, but 10 times more than farang women?? Petite, happy, smily and simple-minded. Girls are girls, regardless of their origins. And they can be unfaithful. They are only whores when they go for old fat guys…. No disrespect to the old guys intended. Before I even start… I would like to introduce myself. We are humans too… We have minds of our own. The reason why … Read more » Mr. You broke my heart it is indeed a saddening development. I am a Asian-South American born in Europe. I had a Thai gf once in my life and i have visited the place ofte. To make it clear according to my opnion true beauty is found in the heart not appearences. In contrast to this materialistic and cosmetic culture in the West people in the Third World countries tend to have real family values. I fully support a lady getting a career. We are not, in any way, little submissive doll figurines. I have lived in a family where females take charge and this article just seems to decrease our dignity. Sure there are submissive girls out there willing to please and cook and clean for you, but all of us are not like that. My wife is Thai and submissive. It is not a weakness, she allows me to be the man. Just use common sense and remove yourself from all of your indoctrination and put yourself in the…um, million years before us that man has inhabited this country. You use a girl, she uses you. Question, how does Thai women in the states differ from Thai women in their homeland, and…how do you find a Thai woman? Those sort of people are looking for a servant, not a partner. Albeit, Chinese are rasists above anything else, nobody can truly understand this money-family-abuse-all-others -mentality besides Chinese. Would one ever in the height of that climax remember that the greatest lie is not the … Read more » Was married to a western cow US brand for a complete waste of 10 years. I feel sorry for the idiot rednecks that have to put up with that manatee. Have lived and worked in Brazil and Thailand, which are IMO 2 and 1 respectively in terms of beautiful women. I do however have have experience with western woman. I was married for 10 years to what I thought was a beautiful caring British girl. As soon as our first child was born and things got tough money got tight she just changed. She turned out to be a selfish, self centred, 2 timing gold digger, oh did i mention she is a pathological … Read more » Good articles! As specially the topic of western feminism and the comparison between western girls and Thai girls stirs up a lot so to see….. I am a European man living and working in Thailand for 27 years. I also know both worlds, and have seen the devastating effects of feminism on human relations ships and culture in the west. Now it seems there is a process in the new Thai women generation that starts to move in the same direction. Are you saying we should go back to the bad old days when women were forced to be homemakers who were completely dependent on men? When most professions were closed to them? Firstly, good luck with that. Secondly, why do you want women to be treated as second class citizens? Your best chance of success in any country is to make friends in that country. Make sure you make friends with decent folk, not some dodgy people you met in a club. So do it that way, meet women through Introductions. Yes Will Mac, could not agree with you more. I live here half my life, and the best, and most descent girls I meet through introductions during parties etc. Thai males can tell you how it works, they always told me stay away from girls on internet and girls with any night-time jobs. I disagree, Thai girls all look the same, boring features, wide noses, they look like children with their flat bodies looking like wood planks! Only super models are an exception, and even then a Swedish girl will make the Thai model look like a 2 while standing next to her…Thai girls are on average, a 4. I need a real woman from Europe! It is the same like everywhere in the world. In my opinion the only thing swedish girls have more than thai girls is boobs and ass. If you just wanna have easy sex one night stand then go for swedish woman. In my point they are cheating more than thai woman coz they can have sex with anyone anywhere if they horny and no matter if they are married have kids or not. They fucking arounds like … Read more » I just came across to this blog from my own curiosity. Since I am Thai women marry American man, me and my husband get an annoying questions all the time about ours marriage and happy family. Some people just jump to conclussion that because he marriesThai. Gosh,let me speak from both sides,there are true points from the culture background that shape up Thai women to be just like the blogger post. The threads are so long,I can not remember all. In my experience western women want to be head of the household and thy try to control every aspect of family life after having a 10 year marriage and devorce that went on for ever plus a few other relationships with western women I found that thy were all out for one thing control!!!! And arguing seams to be a kind of hobby with most western women. But I also find That thai women are not taking abussive guys like this as standard any longer. In the past a married Thai guy would have a mistress on the side and the wife had to turn a blind eye. Now a lot of Thai women are no longer bothering with this type of guy wether he is Thai or from another country. Financial plain Fewer rich and poor I married a man Thailand I would say the ideas and attitudes of women in general, Thailand. Popular marry Western men because it can provide stability and future of the family. Since men Thailand the east , most of the leadership and day to day life, no future, no longer seek a breakthrough in the work. Once married, the family may lack balance. Characterization of Thai women jealous. And if she love someone will honor and love and devotion to the man she loved. Dont judge all men or Thai females.. Yes there are men who abuse.. I came across this site when I was trying to decide on whether to visit Thailand or not. So thank you for providing this information. Opinions aside it has a lot of information. Before I comment I want to provide a bit of my own history. I am a 39 year old medically retired veteran, due to my poor health I can pass for someone 65 or older, and I have perhaps one or two years left to live. I was told two decades ago that my medical treatments … Read more » Hello, When I finished reading your opinion, you made me think many things about life. I think all of us make mistakes, and it is not important the level that they have, but it is relevant to try not to make them again. To live with someone is always difficult. I think you were not selfish at all bringing a baby to this world, because you allowed your wife´s dream to be complied. Your son will be able to follow his own path, we are never alone, and there is always someone to assist us. It seems that you like … Read more » Dear Doesnt Matter, I never thought that I would comment on This post or topic, but your post above was the most moving and beautiful thing that I have read all day. I do hope the very best for you, and much happiness to you and your family. I wish you could live a long and happy life. Thank you for your poignant post. You are in my thoughts. Meanwhile I watch my guy friends battling with their American spouses day in and day out over nonsense, eventually ending in an awful divorce. There is no just disagreeing … Read more » God this article sickened me. Yes, a Western girl. Samut Sakon… and have a Thai woman who lives in SamutSakon which is an industrial town south of Bangkok.. I know a bit about the Thai culture, and if you treat a Thai lady properly and dont abuse her.. Thai people are so nice and I agree with the poster of this thread.. YEAHH … Read more » lets be honest.. Why do White boys think they need to justify why they date anyone? It makes it look like you have absolutely no interest in a Thai woman individually, just as a thing. I have been married to my THAI husband now for 36 years. We have a son, 25 who was born, raised and educated in the US, and is now living and working in Thailand. Soon, his father and I hope to join him there in our retirement. I lived in Thailand as a child, my father worked for the American Embassy. I graduated from ISB International School Bangkok. I know many American women like me. A lot of ppl on this post are prejudiced. You can find gorgeous girls from Thai and America. And bad girls from both as well. I want my husband to tell me what he wants and what ever he wants, makes me happy too. We just want to make each other happy. I have been with him for 33 years. We have a nice 3 story home. But I could be happy with him in a mobile home … Read more ».
  86. They will appreciate even the simpler things that you give them so long as they come from your heart. I am 33 Asian guy living … Read more » As I have met I am a long time in Thailand guy and have seen most everything woman-wise. Makeup, dating good thai girl salons, nail salons and beauty clinics. Here are some of the challenges you might face. I have to drag her into malls to try and buy new clothes or custodes for her. They will do what it takes to get what they want and sometimes like the long con in your favourite heist movie this can be played out for months or even years. While western girls run to the yoga or fitness studio every second day but still you too see a really thin and skinny girl walking on the street. I'm seeking a soul mate who is mature, discern, friendly and AGE OPEN. Every 7-Eleven in Thailand has a wide selection of condoms right at the cashier for as low as 35 Baht for a tout of three. I immediately thought oh shit do Thais eat humans but of course, she meant fresh meat.